Shot blasting

Shot blasting is the process of cleaning metal surfaces from rust, burr, varnish and paint. Shot blasting is commonly applied in metal, aircraft, automotive, structural, forging industry, in ship-building industry, railway industry and many others. Due to high requirements of our clients from automotive industry: Scania, Volvo, Renault, Daimler, this process is characterized with top quality and full automation.  We have 3 machines for cleaning of surfaces with ball shot. Shot blasting may be applied for non-threaded and threaded fine-thread elements – that can be suspended in a chamber or pass-through shot-blasting machine. For shot-blasting of fine-thread bolts, we use shot with granulation S70, and for coarse-thread ones - S110 and S 170, which are suspended on special hooks. Our company also offers shot-blasting of the elements with different overall dimensions. We offer shot blasting of long bars (6m), sections, sheet metal and other metal products (with dimensions of ca. 65 cm x1m x 6m). For bars and structures, we use shot with granulation S330.

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