Our company is equipped with own metrological, chemical, metallographic and mechanical lab, thanks to which we are able to offer broad scope of services for numerous lines of trade: production, tool, metallurgic, ship-building industry, and others.

The lab was established in 2006 and it meets the requirements of the standard ISO/IEC 17025, which is the requirement for all research and control labs.

We offer professional laboratory services and short periods of completion. We issue quality attestations and certificates for examined products.


Metallographic lab

We offer material expert opinions with prepared photographic documentation from macro- and microscopic examinations. The main testing equipment of our lab is a metallographic microscope, Vickers diamond testing machine with automatic measurement.


Our offer:

- steel hardness measurement with Vickers HV method in the scope of loading HV 0,3-HV 30

- testing grain size of prior austenite of steel according to PN-84H-04507/01

- checking depth of steel soft skin with the metallographic method, and also by means of material hardness penetration pattern

- microscopic and macroscopic testing of materials

- assessment of material structure, e.g. correctness of conducting of heat treatment

Mechanical lab

The main testing equipment of our lab is: Wolpert machine allowing for testing to maximal force of 400kN, Karl Deutsch machine for magnetic particle inspection of discontinuity of material, viscometer, Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell hardness testing machines and a unique machine for fatigue strength testing of U-bolt in the scope of forces up to 500 kN.

Our offer:

- static tensile test of materials

- Charpy impact test of materials (initial energy 300J)

- testing fatigue strength with maximal loading up to 500kN

- checking friction coefficient of bolt thread with diameter from M14 to M30

- harness tests: HB, HRC, HV

- determination of kinematic viscosity of oils

- testing material discontinuity (ferromagnetic steel) with magnetic particle inspection

Metrological lab

Our lab offers broad scope of services in the scope of metering instrument testing. The min testing equipment of our lab is Optomess camera for optical measurements and the stand for testing thermocouples.

Our offer:

- checking measurement instruments:

slide callipers, micrometres, mechanical sensors, straight-edges, gauges, thread gauges, coat thickness gauges, squares, protractors, rod gauges, altimeters, depth gauges, weld gauges, feeler gauges, pH metres, product testers, rolls to measure pitch diameter of threads

- optical measurements of linear values to 200 mm in plane XY and angular

- checking correctness of indications of thermocouples, pyrometers and temperature meters in the calibration furnace with the application of ideal black body (scope of temperatures 50-1150°C)

Chemical lab

We are in possession of a modern chemical lab, equipped with the salt chamber ASCOTT 1000 IP.

We offer:

  • salt chamber testing

This test is used for checking coat resistance to corrosion. It is a test in atomized brine (salt mist). In the conditions that cause corrosion – in a chamber filled with atomized solution of sodium chloride – it soon becomes clear which coat fulfils its anti-corrosive function well, and which still requires improvement.

- measuring of mass of paint coats in metals or plastics. This is done using a weight method and using tools for depth measurement

- PH measurement of fluid substances with dedicated instruments, e.g. chromium content in paints and in finished products.



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