Heat treatment

Heat treatment is a special process used for obtaining adequate features of steel. It ensures required hardness, strength, by way of changing of material structure.

We are in possession of a modern, fully automatic heat treatment line, based on chamber furnaces, operating in protective atmosphere. Thanks to modern technical facilities and long-term experience, we are able to offer broad scope of operations connected with heat treatment. Our offer has recipients in many lines of industry: tool, machinery, military, mining, agricultural, horticultural, etc.

We offer:
Toughening of elements from structural steel with maximal overall dimensions of 1000 mm x 500 mm x 600 mm and maximal weight up to 350 kg

- volumetric heat treatment in protective atmosphere
- stress relief annealing of steel
- toughening
- oil quenching in the scope of 800-930 °C, tempering in the scope of 150-650 °C

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