Hendrickson Poland as the employer

The company Hendrickson Poland (HPL) strives at being a desirable employer in the region. We want to base our relations on respect of personal dignity of co-workers, shape the employees’ relations according to principles of partnership, understanding and kindness, as well as on supporting individual development and strengthening of bonds between colleagues. To this end:

  • We appeal to the principles of the best working standards and social principles, recorded as the Code of Ethical Conduct. HPL pursues its activity according to legal regulations, at the same time guaranteeing observing of equal opportunities and respecting personal dignity;
  • For a number of years, we apply in our company the system of periodical assessment, that allows for application of uniform criteria for reliable and just evaluation of all the employees. This system of assessment is aimed at creation of desirable behavior, it prepares an employee to current and future tasks, and it also creates opportunities for feedback between the superior and the subordinate. Just evaluation has impact on satisfaction from work;
  • We investigate satisfaction of employees and we perfect the areas of mutual cooperation, so that our employees’ satisfaction and benefits for the company may grow all the time;
  • We actively support development of our employees, by creating of the annual budget and the plan of trainings, as well as individual development plans for the employees, through visiting fairs and other plants, both in Poland and abroad, through internships abroad and financing higher education studies;
  • We create opportunities for tightening bonds between the employees, by way of organizing family picnics, fishing contests, carnival balls;
  • Except for contracts of work and remuneration conditions above the average in the region, we offer a broad scope of extra benefits in the form of a cafeteria, including among others, life insurance, additional medical insurance, multisport card, consulting;
  • We organize internship for students, who have a chance to gain valuable experience and raise their professional qualifications. Our purpose is to create such conditions and to entrust such tasks to our apprentices that this period of cooperation is beneficial to both parties. That is why our apprentices are treated as members of personnel from the very beginning, with tasks entrusted to them, selected adequately to their possibilities.