Declaration of company management

Towards recipients

Meeting requirements for manufacturing of products and delivery of services, and establishing the highest standards for production and services.

Ensuring product safety by considering importance of special characteristics and adhering to associated production process parameters, as this is a duty of every employee at each organization level in the company.

Meeting a requirement of 100% precision for deliveries of products and services, with regular reduction in a defective parts ratio.

A regular increase in productiveness, consistent adjusting of methods for planning to meet customer requirements.

Checking and confirming all process parameters when manufacturing a test order.

Checking all product properties during a product audit.

Adherence to Material Planning and Logistics Principles based on ODETTE Global MMOG/ LE.

Awareness of customer requirements and their verification by teams of employees.

Use and continuous improvement of the EDI system in accordance with specific customer requirements.

Supporting planning and performance of processes with the SAP system starting from calculation, through orders and issuing invoices. 

A regular risk assessment for main areas of our operations (production, delivery, shipments, IT, occupational safety and environmental protection) and continuous risk reduction by taken actions, in particular:

  • maintaining required warehouse stocks;
  • monthly monitoring of production capacities and bottleneck analysis;
  • minimizing machine failures by implementing preventive maintenance of machines;
  • ensuring the substitution of employees


Towards employees

Integrating into the company culture ten ethical principles of Global Compact concerning human rights, work standards, environmental protection and prevention of corruption.

That principles mentioned above form a part of the company management principles and the basis of business practices.

That each employee is responsible for implementation of the declaration at their current position, as well as for treating co-workers as a Customer to which the highest quality of their work is guaranteed.

Improvement in occupational health and safety by continuous improvement in methods for hazards identification, prevention of accidents at work, near miss situations and occupational diseases, and access to information on occupational health and safety, as well as in undertaken activities and results achieved in this area with adaptation to the nature and scale of health and safety risks.

Improve workers skills by creating a culture of providing feedback, supporting education, planning of trainings and shaping of internal career paths.

An extensive programme of non-fiscal incentives.

Support for sport and cultural activities of employees.

Creating a work environment friendly to disabled people.


Towards shareholders

Implementation of operative and financial objectives set out in the budget, and monthly reporting of achieved goals.

Continuous improvement in management systems, annual setting of tasks and objectives together with ensuring resources for their implementation, as well as assessment of the results achieved in the previous period.


Towards suppliers

A long-term cooperation based on continuous extension of the products range and common development of used materials to meet the customers’ requirements.

For each material used for production, signing of the Purchase Specification, controlled by the Purchases and Quality Department.

Signing contracts with main suppliers, specifying minimum stocks to be maintained, minimum stocks for consignment warehouses, using and making the required certificates available each time.

Verification of delivery precision and material quality, and together with suppliers, making all efforts to their continuous improvement.


Towards third parties

Regular reduction of the company's environmental effects, monitoring of emissions and quantities of generated waste, and reduction of consumption of natural resources.

Openness to cooperation with scientific circles.

Dialogue with and reaction to needs of various social groups.

Transparent business operations by regular reporting of economic, social and environmental issues.

Ensuring the safety of the company's guests.